Success Stories

Peter Mas-Mollinedo | Personal Training Client

PT with Mark is great. There is enough stretching and CV work to get up a sweat and he mixes this with strength work to vary the session. I find the 30 min high intensity sessions are more than enough and every week is different. He listens to what you want to achieve and puts together a programme to achieve your goals. Mark’s style is very encouraging NOT the sergeant major type! First class service from a top bloke!!

Debbie Griffin | Lower Back Pain Issue

At the beginning, even getting on the floor to do the exercises was bloody painful, but once there, I relaxed for a bit, and then persevered and did the exercises. Every time I got up it felt better and better everyday. I can’t believe within a week of hardly being able to walk, it felt better. I am now strengthening my core to ensure I do not have this issue again. I cannot thank Mark, or praise him highly enough…very impressive.

John McMahon | Personal Training Client

I initially started box fit training with Mark and was immediately impressed with his expertise on all aspects of fitness.  We progressed onto working on my core strength and endurance, which has improved my all round fitness massively. Mark always brings new ideas and variety to each session and even though he pushes me to the limit, I look forward to them each week!

Jemma Moore | Personal Training Client

I never knew how much potential I had until I started training with Mark. It was hard at the beginning, however, I now feel amazing. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve my goals.

Jade Monica-Wallace | Personal Training Client

I spent 4-weeks training with Mark whilst my gym was shut during Lockdown. After going back to the gym I found that my Visceral fat went down 1 whole point! which is excellent, and means my overall CV had improved. I also lost nearly 4kg, with an even split between muscle and fat loss. I have begun eating better too, and wanted to say a massive thank you to you Mark, you really have helped me achieve my goals.

Rhiannon Wilson | Personal Training Client

Mark is a superb personal trainer, relaxed, friendly, organised and motivated. Sessions are well planned to your own goals and different every time, no boredom ! I’ve booked several block PT courses and have benefited immensely, the latest course targeted increasing my strength for a ski holiday. Highly recommended.

Personal Training Client

I have been fortunate enough to have had some 1 to 1 guidance from Mark on exercise, movement and breath strengthening. I was pleased that Mark too so much time, effort and care throughout – from researching a neuromuscular condition that I have and to then set some exercises over video, that I could manage. He believed these would help with my muscles and joints and they did!

I found his videos clear and easy to follow and Mark is always on hand to give further advice and keeps in touch for feedback.

Phil Croney | Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

I have been working with Mark for 10 years as his Sports Therapist, helping him prepare for marathons and stay injury free. I am delighted to hear of his success as a personal trainer.

What impresses me about Mark is his holistic approach to fitness, recovery and the reality that wellbeing is about setting yourself up for the future and not just short term gains. That can only come with life experience and this sets him apart from the younger breed of gung-ho trainers out there. The reason Mark is still running Marathons in his fifties is he listens to the experts, listens to his body and practices what he preaches.

Mark is the kind of trainer who will listen and work with you with patience and respect

Wiebke Gross | Shutlanger Circuit Class

I started my fitness journey with Mark, because I was lacking energy and my fitness levels were very low. Having gone to Mark’s classes, I feel more energized and really look forward to classes now, they are great fun and Mark is very motivational.

Mark structures our circuit classes really well, and you’ll have worked out every muscle group without feeling exhausted. An hour passes very quickly now and I always look forward to the next one. I am even starting to improve my coordination with a bit of boxing at the end of the class. A great way to get rid of frustrations and stresses of daily life.

Judith Amery | Personal Training Client

Mark has been training me twice a week since January. From our first meeting he was very professional,  reassuring and he made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I am 63 and had never had a personal trainer before; hence I was very apprehensive. Mark makes every training session varied, achievable and above all fun! We have done a bit of everything from good old fashioned keep fit, to boxing, to Pilates.

2 months on, I feel stronger, more flexible and generally healthier. I honestly look forward to our workout  sessions.

Oil Gauchi | Boxing Fitness Client

I don’t usually enjoy sport but Mark has made the sessions really fun, and I’ve finally found exercise that I like. I feel fitter and stronger and boxing fitness has helped improve my confidence.