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12-week online video exercise program for ALL

I have 2 progressive exercise programmes for you to purchase, both are packed with fitness content that will take you from beginner to advanced, or at the very least, will get you fit and improve your general well being. Both are designed for you to exercise at home, there are no weights, only bodyweight exercise is used.


12 x 10-15min videos structuring a progressive exercise plan for use at home. This programme will take you from beginner to FIT. Each video instructs 15mins of exercise per day, over 1-week, and every video will progress you further each week to becoming a better you. Modifications are available for each exercise to ensure all can join in. Please see the ‘What to Expect’ video for more information.


3 x Pyramids, A, B & C, 10 videos per Pyramid, each Pyramid will progress to the next Pyramid, and take your fitness from beginner to VERY FIT. The Pyramids will incorporate the fundamentals of bodyweight exercise. Pyramid exercise is old school, and still works as well as ever. 30 x videos, incredible value, and you will be much fitter and stronger in just 30 days. Modifications are available for each exercise… please see the What to Expect PDF for more details.

Regular Consultations

Free email contact to ask questions or review progress at anytime.

Get Moving Again

Exercises that progress weekly, with modifications to ensure all can participate.

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Why Choose My Video Exercise Program?

My exercise programmes are fantastic for everyone, beginners, people who do not think they can exercise…to people who have a level of fitness, but want to step it up. No gyms, as all can be worked from home without weights, and my programmes will get you fit and make you feel good too.

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