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Mark Shettle

No gimmicks, no fancy machines or jargon, just straight forward old school fitness techniques and advice that works.

Running is my passion, followed closely by the need to help others who do not think they can exercise, do not want to go to a gym, or do not want to work in a group class.

Growing up in South London gave me a practical outlook on life, and spending a lot of time with my Grandad taught me so many good things about core values and respect. A 40-year career in sales followed, giving me a great insight into people and the ability to communicate effectively. I have 3 fantastic grown up a children, and an amazing grandson.

Exercise is something I have done all my life, and as I grew I started to look at exercise in a different way, and more importantly other people’s take on exercise…Why do some people not want to exercise? What are their barriers? Who is helping them?

Gyms are great, but not for everyone, and is it me, or do they look a bit like hospitals…everything the same, with machines that look more like torture devices rather than something that will get you fit. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against gyms, however, there are a lot of people that will not go to a gym or attend a group class for all sorts of reasons.


It’s an exciting time for me as i’m now the official (and very proud) sponsor of Deanshanger Athletics Ladies Football Team! I’ve been working with ladies at DAFC, helping them to build their fitness levels and improve their stamina off and on the pitch. I’m delighted to be sponsoring them and continuing our hard work.

You can visit their website and stop by and watch them play!

Mind, body & soul

Having looked closely into how the mind effects the way that we think about exercise, our home environment, and general well-being. I find that I am helping more of our elderly or infirm, and my GP referral qualification has helped me understand people with personal issues or mental barriers to exercise. I have undertaken many case studies in these areas, with positive results.

Make a friend

I will not beast you, shout at you, or scream ‘you can do 10 more!!’…I will listen, observe and ultimately get you to where you need to be. I am all about technique and a slower pace…I would rather you did 10 repetitions in 1 minute correctly, than 30 as fast as you can.

My clients are people, friends and they’re all different,
but one thing unites all: having an active position in life.

My Experience

Years of Coaching
Happy Clients
Marathons Ran
Week Video Program


My continuous thirst for knowledge relating to exercise, the mind and people, puts me in a great place to help you now, and in the future…and finally, I believe exercise should be fun, so expect to laugh a lot, be motivated and most importantly of all, to get fitter.

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It’s time to take care of your health now! Contact me and i’ll help you on the path to your new fitness journey.

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