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There have been so many books, TV programmes, and Online content written about nutrition, it’s difficult to say something that hasn’t already been said. Everyone has there own take on what we should and should not be eating.

The most sensible advice I have ever read, is as relevant today as it always was “Eat a healthy, well balanced diet” it’s that simple. However, what does a healthy well-balanced diet look like.

A few years ago, the government came up with ‘The Eatwell Guide’. This is a sensible guide showing how much of what we eat overall should come from which food groups to achieve the healthy balanced diet. This guide covers everything from Fruit and Veg to Fish, Meat, Dairy etc. There is also guidance on water intake and food labelling.

You can download this guide as a PDF online

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, it is very difficult to ask someone to make 2 major changes in their life. Eg. Regular exercise and eating healthier. Yes, some people can motivate themselves to do this, however, the majority cannot.

Experience has taught me that if you can motivate someone to exercise regularly, as they begin to see and feel the benefits, they will automatically begin to question their diet.

It is at this point of realisation that I discuss nutrition with my clients. We can then agree gradual changes, whilst ensuring we maintain their exercise focus.

More often than not, this will work, and my clients begin to feel the benefits of both regular exercise and eating a healthy well balanced diet.