Exercise – your Brain’s Best Friend?

If exercise was a pill, it would be prescribed to all, and would be a trillion dollar money-making industry. The benefits of exercise have been proven over and over again.

However, did you know that exercise has huge protective and life changing effects on your brain, and what is incredible about this is that exercise cost nothing, it is FREE.

Proven short term benefits for the brain include Improved mood, more energy, easier to focus. In fact, the immediate short term effects of improved reaction time, and focus of attention, research has shown these benefits last for up to 2hrs.

Long term benefits include, production of new brain cells…yes, that is correct…improved long-term memory, improved attention function, improved blood circulation, slows down the ageing process, and of course improves your mood.

Exercise is fantastic for mental health and many other health issues…obesity, type 1 & 2 diabetes, lower back issues, blood pressure…the list goes on. One of the reasons I did my GP Referral qualification was so I could help people just like this.

I have seen first hand what exercise can do to a persons general well-being, attitude and mindset…which we all know starts in your head…AND IN YOUR BRAIN.

Working with under 16’s to adults, from personal 1:1 fitness training, to my growing boxing fitness training, I have seen fantastic benefits in just weeks.

“He is much calmer at home, and has stopped flying into moods”

“I have found that I have stoped shouting at the kids”

“Her confidence has grown, she is much more chatty round the house”

“I feel much better in myself & have started getting out and walking again”.

So if we all know this, why does everyone not exercise as part of their daily routine? why do governments not make it compulsory? why do employers not have exercise breaks?… exercise would save health industries and employers all over the world, billions.

I have talked with many people about what stops them exercising, researched endless articles, and again, have seen this first hand. When I post one of my exercise classes on FB, normally the day before, I get lots of positive enquiries, yet hardly any of them actually turn up on the day.

Reasons range from “Something came up’ to ‘I couldn’t be bothered’…however, after some deep thinking (Yes, that hurt a bit!) I decided that one word encompassed all of the reasons, and is the main barrier to why people think they cannot, or do not exercise as much as they should.

That word is MOTIVATION…what gets one person excited about exercise or off the sofa, may not work with another. We are all different, and one size does not fit all when it comes to motivation for exercise.

Motivation will be covered off in detail very soon.

The message here is simple…

  1. Your brain will grow because of exercise
  2. Your brain will help you improve your general well being if you exercise
  3. Your brain will help you age gracefully if you exercise
  4. Your brain will make you happy if you exercise